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Saturday, October 15, 2005

A bucket of Sunshine for Sunni Iran

Britain's most popular newspaper says Britain's to all intents and purposes at war with 'Sunni' Iran.
'It may still be a war of words - and worried Western leaders will do their best to keep it like that.

But if oil-hungry Teheran has its way, this is doomed to turn to bloody conflict.

It has been clear almost from the start that Iran is not just fanning the flames of the insurgency in Iraq, but providing the fuel and the ammunition.'
Oil-hungry Teheran, fuelling the insurgency all along? There's more:
'It also strikes fear into the hearts of Iran's Arab neighbours who are convinced they are pawns in a power grab which will establish Sunni Iran as the dominant Islamic force in the Gulf.'
Who knew? I'll say this for The Sun, it gives you information won't find anywhere else.


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