The Early Days of a Better Nation

Saturday, April 01, 2006

The Highway Men

Next Wednesday 5th April sees the launch of three short books at the Brockville Suite, Falkirk FC, 5:30-8:00pm. There will be a pay bar. (This is Falkirk, Scotland, in case you hadn't guessed.) Scottish footballer Brian Irvine will be there, with his engaging autobiography Winning Through; and Janet Paisley, with her witty short novel Wicked!. And I'll be there with The Highway Men, a short SF novel set in a future Scotland (typical MacLeod stuff: climate change, imperialist war, libertarian grouch, Highland romance and insurrectionary violence). All of the books are part of a fine publishing venture called Vistas, by Sandstone Press, which are written specifically for adults who are beginning to read or who prefer a short read. The great thing about them is that you would never know this from reading them, or from looking at their covers. I can heartily recommend all of them, including my own.


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