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Sunday, April 22, 2007

Socialism in a Matchbox

Have you ever seen a party election broadcast that you wanted to see again? Me neither. Until now. The Scottish Socialist Party has come up with a little gem. You can see it here or here. You can disagree completely with the policy and still find yourself smiling.


Dear Ken,
Amazing, Scotland looking at my own Belgium (the city of Hasselt) for an example of how to run a free public transport system. Even my own town, Leuven, now has an expanding traffic-free centre.
All the best,

Its great isnt it? I think its the best yet, a real shame about what happened though lets hope thye stil get some representation.

Aye, liked this. It took the time to explain a great policy and it did it in style!

By the way - the SSP blogs are great. Have a look at this one...

thank you very nıce thank you veryy veryy much...

Help, I am feeling a strange compulsion to vote for the SSP.

Come to think of it, it would help a lot. Instead of waiting for 2 minutes at a bus stop as 8 people fiddle for change, or put their ridacards in the correct slot, and then waiting for the ticket, everyone just walks on board, saving a minute at each bus stop.

Then you wouldn't need ticket inspectors, all these paper tickets, and, for even more fun, we would have confused American tourists trying to pay the driver....

Wow! I want to vote for the Scottish Socialist Party!

Can we get some Scottish Socialists in Puerto Rico?

I never thought I'd hear myself say this (or should that be see myself type this?) about a party political broadcast, but I'm in complete agreement. Sod the current government's corruption of environmental issues as an excuse for stealth tax - here's a genuine alternative. I love the way it was communicated, too, using the universal images of childhood as an effective metaphor. The goldfish with its thought bubbles had me chuckling!

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