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Monday, April 23, 2007

Wars, Revolutions, Plagues of Frogs ...

The Ministry of Defence recently published some speculation on possible future problems (PDF). Climate change, resource wars, Sino-Islamist conflict, AI, nanotech, middle-class radicalization, global flash mobs, a revival of Marxism and populism ... Why can't science fiction writers come up with imaginative scenarios like that?

In other news, my new novel The Execution Channel is getting some attention. Cory Doctorow gave a rave review to the forthcoming US edition. The UK edition, just out, has been reviewed in the Financial Times, Guardian, Morning Star, Times, the Daily Telegraph's book blog, and The Book Bag. A long and thoughtful blog review is here.


That musst be some sort of record, writing a book which is liked by both the Morning star, Guardian, times and Torygraph. How do you do it?

As covered on the SPGB blog:
The military are not that unintelligent

Congrats on the great reviews, Mr. MacLeod. I'm anxiously awaiting the Canadian release of the Execution Channel - other than your contribution to The Web and The Human Front, it's the only book you've written which I've yet to read. Those other two were out of print when I started reading your work.

How do we know that they didn't use sciffy writers to come up with the scenarios? It could be a useful consulting gig for you! Alternatively it's a rich seem of future possibilities that you can incorporate into your future work.

Ken, is it possible to buy your books in any e-book format? To read them on PDA?

For me e-books are just easier to read (and buy), especially when they are written in foreign language and a dictionary required to translate some rare words.

Sorry, Anon, no e-books as yet.

Love your books very much Ken MacLeod , so will definitely have to buy your latest novel.

Can't wait for your next book Mr. MacLeod. Your ideas about future governments always challenge my notion of how we must live, and consistently alter my perceptions of how we live now. I'm ready for my new passport from

I finished The Execution Channel on the plane coming home. Good stuff, Ken.

Thanks, Avedon. Reading it on a plane, though ... I don't know if I could :-)

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