The Early Days of a Better Nation

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Hearts and minds

Iraqi resistance leader Abu Sarhan recently expressed 'a more restrained view' of the United States than might be expected from a veteran of the insurgency.

"I personally don't have a hatred of the American people, and I respect American civilization," he said. "They have participated in the progress of all the nations of the world. They invented computers. Such people should be respected. But people who are crying over someone who died 1,400 years ago" -- referring to Shiites and their veneration of a leader killed in the 7th century -- "these should be eliminated, to clear the society of them, because they are simply trash."

I wish this was another squib, but it isn't.

"The real enemy for the resistance is Iran and those working for Iran," he went on. "Because Iran has a feud which goes back thousands of years with the people of Iraq and the government of Iraq."


Cradle of civilisation ya bas.


People think these things, but when the rhetorical environment shifts to the point where they can be said openly, matters have come to a terrible pass.

I get the people of Iraq thing, but hasn't the Government of Iraq existed for less than a century?

ISHTAR was incredibly funny but was destroyed by media denial trends. It isn't grasp-able because the culture it is parodying is beyond reason (with emotional betrayal). The song at the beginning (and end) is poetic on many levels.

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