The Early Days of a Better Nation

Tuesday, August 07, 2007


I'm doing a couple of events next week around the Edinburgh Book Festival. As part of its Edinburgh Book Fringe programme, the independent radical bookshop Word Power is hosting "Glory Days: Fiction, Free Speech and the Terrorism Act", where Hal Duncan and I discuss issues raised by the SF and fantasy anthology Glorifying Terrorism, to which we both contributed stories. The meeting will be chaired by Andrew J. Wilson and is at Word Power, 1 pm on Wednesday 15 August.

On a lighter note, I'm doing a ten-minute short-short-story reading at 4 pm on Friday 17 August, at the Story Shop venue at the Book Festival, sponsored by the Edinburgh UNESCO City of Literature Trust.


That's annoying. I'd like to go to that, but I'm at work and very busy right now, so I don't think I could take time off at such short notice.

The short notice is my fault, for which I apologise.

Oh no, no need to apologise. I shouldn't have gotten so distracted as to forget to actually look up what was on at the book festival and the fringe. I meant to do it a couple of weeks ago, but things got in the way.

an anthology of sf short stories written in protest of the Terrorism Act


Ok, 'against'. Also, technically, in breach of.

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