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Monday, September 01, 2008

Seeds of Change

This morning I received my two contributor copies of this fine anthology. As physical objects they are just beautiful: small-format hardbacks with clean, clear print. The book has its own website with lots of goodies and extras, including sample stories and its very own magnificently scientifictional YouTube trailer.

Already argued about on BoingBoing and noted on io9! Several of the authors have recently taken part in a Mind Meld!

Get hip to the 21st Century! Buy this book!


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I haven't picked up the new book. Still playing catch-up in the world of science fiction (will finish Cassini Division today and start Sky Road tonight). I watched the trailer last night though. Very cool.

On another topic, just thought your readers might be interested in a new future forecasting exercise that's set to launch September 22:
Disclaimer: I've got no financial ties to the project... only familial ones.


Hey Ken, the excerpt from your short story looks great - can't wait until we can read the rest of it, in NZ!

Good to hear from you, little sis!

I was wondering who to send my second copy to ...

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