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Sunday, January 11, 2009

The Scottish Scam

The best small country in the world has now caught up with Nigeria. I take the liberty of reproducing an email I've just received from an address in the Czech Republic.


I am Mr. Gordon Weave (Auditing & Accounting dept) CLYDESDALE BANK GLASGOW
SCOTLAND. During my auditing duty in our bank, I discovered a deceased Dormant
euro account datas with a figure Balance amount of Eleven Million Euros (11
million euros) belonging to a foreigner named

[usual shite deleted]

Be rest assured that this business is 100% legal and have risk-free on both
sides and every arrangement to transfer this money to the account you are going
to provide have been concluded provided we maintain the confidentiality and
secrecy involved.

l am looking forward to your soonest reply


Amusing, but not quite up to the standards of two from your fellow Scot: Craig Murray

It's a lot simpler in Norway: To scam a Norwegian individual or business, simply send them a bill, and wait for the money to arrive by the due date you set.

Solan: LOL. (I don't often write that, but I really did l o l.) This calls to mind the standard game-theory stuff about the advantages of cheating in a population of non-cheaters.

Excellent stuff, about time we got in on the game! Mind you, I wis the scam had been somehow Buckfast-related rather than just the hackneyed old bank account wheeze. Somehow it'd just be that bit more believable...

Not just the Scots:

My Name is Ms. Lolly Stevens, the eldest child/daughter Of late Mr. Chico Stevens and I am 31 years old.My father was a big time farmer in South Wales, he uses most of South Wales farm land for farming.

My father was very successful/wealthy Business Farmer. Some years ago, a drastic riot broke out in our community and my father's farm was invaded by the angry prostesters. My father was at his farm that day and trying to rescue his farm, he was brutally beaten up by those people, his farm was set on fire.He was rushed to the hospital by his workers but he did not make it, he had severe internal bleeding.Before his death he transfered most of his fund to a Security company in Holland.

Chico Stevens? That's absolutely brilliant, couldn't have chosen a less Welsh name if they tried!

The letter from the Welshman does employ better grammar and spelling than that of the Scot. Is this in any way representative of the two peoples? -- asks the American with a Welsh family name and plenty of Scottish ancestry.

I'd expect a Scottish email scam to come from someone purporting to be the current Stuart pretender: "Bonny Prince Wally, the King across I-92 from the Honda dealership."

It's really just Charlie Stross again, doing advance publicity for "419".

Don't feel too bad. Last night a dear friend from Amsterdam told me that the horrid Dutch bank, ABN AMRO, successfully scammed the main bank of scotland. I shall now announce that I had already begun transferring every Euro cent I have in that slimy Dutch firm's treasure chest to a bank in my new home, Sweden. The little-known quote by the greatest Enlightenment philosopher, Immanuel Kant (a man who hated controversy) is still applicable: The Dutch have no friends, only commercial correspondents.

damn, he almost got me! i’m glad that i checked internet for name gordon weave. i trusted that guy.
he said that i have same last name like some deceased person and that i can share six millions dollars with that bastard gordon in 50 to 50.also he said that i have to go to holland to sign some documents and blablabla.
i’m glad that i found this site!!!!!!!!!11 thanks a lot to people ho share this information with other!

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