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Saturday, February 14, 2009


The Night Sessions has made the 2009 Arthur C. Clarke Award longlist, as well as the BSFA Award shortlist and the Locus 2008 Recommended Reading list. The Clarke long list is of all books submitted for the award, so it's a vote of confidence from Orbit, for which I'm grateful. The list, which has several other Orbit titles including two (two!) from Charlie, is a strong one - which, for anyone on it, means the usual mixed feelings of it's-an-honour-just-to-be-nominated versus um-not-much-of-a-chance-up-against-this-lot-then. As mixed feelings go, that's a good mixed feeling to have.




Possibly the most reassuring thing I have ever read. When I saw Gone-Away World on the same list(s) as Night Sessions etc. I had the exact same thought.

But... You're Ken MacLeod! Star Fraction, Newton's Wake Macleod! "We're the Great Old Ones now..." God, I loved that...

Anyway, at some point (Eastercon?) I wish to purchase you ale and be mildly fanboyish.


Hi Nick - thanks for this, and congratulations. One of the good things about SF is that we're all fans. If you get me a pint I'll tell you about the time I got handed a mobile phone to speak to Claudia Christian and you can watch my ears turn red.

And I'm pleased to hear that someone liked that song ...

Oh, tell me about it. When I was in Los Angeles a while back, I was sitting in a bar absolutely convinced the guy two chairs down was Christopher Judge. I hardly said anything at all for an hour. And then it turned out it wasn't him. Heaven knows how long I would have been unable to speak if it had(n't) been Claudia Black.

Anyway - yay, us!

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