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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Exactly sixty seconds' worth of distance run

Fill an unforgiving minute with this video, condensing the entire history of life on Earth into 60 seconds. You won't be wasting your time. And you won't forget it. (Via.)

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That was very interesting, especially the rapid-fire last few seconds. Shame they didn't get their facts straight though, let me sort it out.

6,600 years ago - God did stuff!

Hmm, maybe wouldn't have made for such a good video :)

cannonballjones -
Maybe it would have made a better video -- or a more popular one? People like to see people doing things and interacting. Biblical account satisfies that desire. Who really cares about the vast eons that preceded us? As long as we've got a human-centered story, we're satisfied.

Great video Ken. Thanks for the post. Will be incorporating it into my usual small-scale attempts at science "evangelism".

Shame my brain and hearing haven't evolved to be able to process all that info at once.

Thanks Ken. Finally, I get to use a word that everyone else seems to use but I've never used myself before: awesome!

Thanks, Afront! That's my reaction too.

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I've seen many many attempts to convey the relative scale of various developments in Earth's history, but I think that relatively simple video gets it across better than nearly any other.

Thanks, Ken!

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