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Monday, August 03, 2009

Scary stuff

A nearly-quarter-million-word anthology of vampire stories, By Blood We Live, edited by John Joseph Adams, is now available. It includes my short story, 'Undead Again' (originally published in Nature) and undoubtedly many far deeper and darker pleasures than that. I'll be delighted to get my contributor's copy, but if I read it I'll probably be looking between my fingers.

I have a similar half-eye relationship with my copy of Gathering the Bones, an acclaimed anthology of horror fiction in which I make a guest appearance in Andrew J. Wilson's short story, 'Under the Bright and Hollow Sky'. I'll be reading my part in the story in Andrew's live performance of this subtly disturbing account of a disappearance on Tuesday 18th August, 7.50pm–8.40pm, as part of the Free Fringe festival series Underword.

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The guy on the left looks a bit like you Ken, c1980....

Yes, it's uncanny.

This book just turned up in my local branch library in Evansville Indiana!! Whowouldathunkit?

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