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Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Recent activities

Evolutionary biologist and science writer Julian Derry has a speculative evolutionary poem, The Meme Gene, at the Human Genre Project. Kelley Swain has written a very appreciative account of her visit to the Genomics Forum. The Forum has just advertised opportunities for similar visits and residencies, open to 'anyone concerned with the social dimensions of genetics, genomics and the new life sciences, whether natural or medical scientists, medical practitioners, social scientists, artists, writers and musicians, policy makers and others working in public service and civil society, and individuals from the worlds of industry and commerce.'

My good friend and Scottish SF stalwart Jack Deighton has a nice review of The Night Sessions, for which thanks, and an interesting personal account of the game-changing effect of Iain M. Banks's first published space opera Consider Phlebas for Scottish science fiction. Jack's own first novel, A Son of the Rock, is still available, and well worth a read.

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Ken, Consider Phlebis certainly had a game-changing effect on me. It was the first work of contemporary British Space Opera I read, and I loved it. So did my wife. Now I'm a long-distance part of the scene that let the book come into existence. I love that as least as much.

Thanks for the mention, Ken.
I was wondering if anyone had noticed the post on Scottish SF as I've not had any comments on it yet.
Also thanks for plugging A Son Of The Rock.

Jack, last night a local Uppsala fan, Jesper Svedberg, told me how much he liked "Consider Phlebis." so I sent him your piece this morning.

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