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Sunday, August 08, 2010

Blatant Brotherly Bleg

My brother James, hard-working history professor and talented cartoonist, has an entry (No. 10) in the UCS cartoon contest.

If any readers should be kind enough to vote for his entry, he would be very grateful. And so would I.


Hah! So much for my powers of observation! I got an email about this from the UCS a couple days ago, went and looked at all the cartoons and voted for your brother's fine piece without even noticing that it was his. I feel especially dumb, given that I've spent several enjoyable hours perusing his archives and when I saw the UCS entry the style seemed oddly familiar. Anyway... I guess it's better that I voted for it based on its merit rather than just because of the connection. ',:^D Cheers!

I'm sure James will agree. Thanks, Ilorien!

Hah, I did this one already too!

Disclaimer: has done some privately funded research in the past.

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