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Tuesday, August 03, 2010

'We don't agree with his extremism and starting the second world war'

At last the tiresome expression 'Somewhere to the right of Genghis Khan!!!' actually has a referent.
It is, by any standards, an extraordinary choice. Under Hitler, Soviet prisoners of war who appeared Mongolian were singled out for execution. More recently, far-right groups in Europe have attacked Mongolian migrants.
It's all about maintaining ethnic purity, apparently.


ah, the heirs of Baron Roman von Ungern-Sternberg...

Thanks ajay. I just checked the name in Wikipedia and read about this person. I had never heard of him. Very interesting indeed.

The Bloody White Baron features in the back-story of Charlie's latest, The Fuller Memorandum.

I stopped being amazed by this sort of story after they broke up the underground Nazi group in Israel.

There's no topping that.

That's just crazy, and clueless. I was wondering if I should be nervous for the Jewish Autonomous Oblast, but there's a good bit of China in between.

The HaAretz link goes to their homepage, but from what you say about them being Russian immigrants, it's not so surprising, since it seems many Russians going to Israel aren't Jewish (but have a cousin married to a Jew, or something).

Then there's the case of the Brooklyn Thrill Killers.

The Bloody White Baron features in the back-story of Charlie's latest, The Fuller Memorandum.

(smug, self-satisfied tone of voice) Of course, I'd heard of him well before that...

Worth a read: Setting the East Ablaze by Peter Hopkirk. If only for the story of F.M. Bailey, who went undercover in Soviet Central Asia and actually joined the Cheka, only to be told by his new boss "Your first mission is to find and kill the British agent Bailey, whom we believe to be in the area".

Thanks for the book recommendation and the anecdote. I think I first encountered Baron Roman von Ungern-Sternberg in Red Victory by W. Bruce Lincoln. He seemed like a character out of one of the wilder works of Michael Moorcock. Come to think of it, his story probably inspired some of these works.

Just like George, I'd never heard of the gentleman. Thanks for the heads up - and for the one on your Spanish translations, Ken, I'll go get them ASAP.

Really must read some of Charlie's sf. The title of this one got me going - J. F. C. Fuller badly needs an alternate-reality novel. I'm not sure it would involve the Elder Gods, though.

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