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Tuesday, December 07, 2010

If the Greenland ice sheet slides into the ocean ...

... as the mystics and statistics say it will, I predict I'll still be laughing at this picture, until I've paid my final power bill.

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I never miss a chance to acknowledge a Warren Zevon referfence: kudos!

A little old lady got glaciated late last night...

Splendid insulation
We all need some foam

Chutzpah us the Scottish Hreen leader on the BBC on Friday saying we need to give more money to the eco-Nazis because we are going to have colder winters in future.

Obviously only those Nazis who have some slight trace of honesty will apolohise for their warming lie so I expect that to be none of them.

Warming lie? Nobody has ever predicted uniformly hotter temperatures - have you not heard the better term, climate chaos?
And 2010 is another record year.

Mous is, of course, like almost everybody anywhere in the eco-fascist movement, wholly & completely dishonest.

The original predictions were that "catastrophic global warming" would indeed produce warming everywhere. the terms "climate change" & "climate chaos" etc have been substituted to obscure the fact the prophesied warming is not taking place (as indeed the previously promised cooling didn't).

A theory whose name gets changed to obscude the lack of evidential support is, under no circumstances, part of science & thus those who promote it are, under no circumstances, engaged in science.

An interesting test of whether ANYBODY in the eco-fascist movement, is in any way honest will be to see how many, if any, current or previous supporters of warming will dissociate themselces from Mous' lie. Previous experiments suggest the parasites' movement contains, to the nearest decimal place, no remotely honest members whatsoever.

Neil, global climate is changing.
The background temperature is increasing, & this increase is now been noted at the 10 metre line in ocean surveys.
The fact that it is now possible to sail straight through the Northwest Passage, & the massive retreat of the Summer Ice Limit in the Arctic Ocean, are indicators that the climate is warming.

The difficulty in predicting the weather outcomes from such a rise is all down to the fact that climate & weather are dynamic, chaotic systems, i.e. small changes in initial conditions have big effects on outcomes.

(I will not put the links here, it would take too much space. Search for them yourselves, it's more educational, & fun! The Met Office has some very good PDFs's on the subject)

Dick the northwest passage story, while heavily pushed by the eco-fascist media is not a reaL story. Sich trips have been done many ti9mes ion the past, for example the Germans used it in WW2. It is now easier because we have satellites which can tell the weather more accurately & stronger ice breakers but that is nothing to do with putatuve warming.

The fact that you have indeed refused to acknowledge that Mous's claim, about the original predictions saying there would be no uniform warming, is a lie proves your inherent dishonesty.

The evidence is clear that no remotely honest person claims we are experiencing catastrophic warming. It is a deliberate & fascist lie.

I had to snaffle this one for my blog, Ken. Maybe that white fluffy stuff falling from the sky is called irony.

Hi Neal, you're welcome, and thanks for the link. I've just shovelled some more inches of irony off the front path.

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