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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Restoration Game in US paperback, real soon now

The US edition of my novel The Restoration Game, to be published by Pyr in September, is now available for pre-order on It has a really cool cover by Stephan Martinière, who here as elsewhere has an uncanny talent for taking scenes from my imagination and rendering them more vividly and accurately than my own mind's eye.

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Any idea when Kindle versions of your books will be released?

I always order your books in hardcover from I am tired of the North American market either neglecting or outright ignoring your novels. The Night Sessions is impossible to find here... I wonder why.

Martin: I see (from the print catalogue) that Pyr are publishing an ebook version of The Restoration Game, so that may be a start.

Anon: A US edition of The Night Sessions? Watch this space!

I'm in full agreement with Anonymous.

Naturally, I'm pleased to hear the book's making it to these shores - and certainly looking forward to hearing about that U.S. edition of The Night Sessions soon.

And of course it's right after I jumped the gun and bought both The Night Sessions and The Restoration Game in UK editions. Almost through The Night Sessions and enjoying it immensely, by the way.

Joy! Pre-ordered. With this and a Charlie Stross pre-order (Rule 34) in the pipeline, I'm a happy guy.

Weirdly enough my paper copy just arrived from Amazon. Saves me reading my signed copy from Transreal :)

So, how come you get pretty good looking covers for the US editions while poor old Charlie Stross gets stuff that has to be hidden in brown wrapping paper?

I don't know, but I suspect it's something to do with not writing novels about sex-bots and Rule 34 ... Mind you, if The Stone Canal's cover had featured Dee Model after Ax had finished dressing her up, who knows?

Hi Ken, just finished reading this. The US cover is much better; thought the other one was too "cold war".
Enjoyed the pub spotting in Edinburgh & Devonport.

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