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Monday, August 01, 2011

Seeing like a state

A political definition for the ages:
Anarchism is a political philosophy which considers the state undesirable, unnecessary, and harmful, and instead promotes a stateless society, or anarchy.

Any information relating to anarchists should be reported to your local police.
I hope someone's already designing the T-shirt.

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Any information? I have this urge to go over there and start telling them all about Emma Goldman. They could probably use that information, too.

Yes! I can imagine people having lots of fun with taking this literally. A long queue at the desk to do readings from Proudhon's General Idea of Revolution in the Nineteenth Century would teach the cops a lesson they wouldn't forget.

One is tempted to bombard the local police station with copies of Kropotkin's "Law and Authority"!

And I thought things here in the US had gotten Orwellian. Oh wait, they have. I guess you've just got a longer tradition of it across the pond. And I'd pay good money to see that T-shirt.

Worthy of Flaubert's sottisier.

You are seriously missing the possibilities here.

Members of the Tory party are libertarians. Actual members of parliament, and MEPs. Now consider the possibilities for a bit of mischief.

And as I found pointed-out elsewhere, the first sentence of their bit was lifted directly from Wikipedia:

Any information relating to police should be reported to your local anarchists.

Oh, yes. Can somebody please report me? Couldn't find anything about a foreign national reporting in foreign nationals, so somebody could please help me here.?

Pff. As an anarchist I'm a little annoyed by the cut and paste wiki definition. It misses out the essentially socialist nature of anarchism. Outside of AnCaps, a small number of individualists and a few punks the modern anarchist movement really stems from the time of the 1st International (and to be honest people like me are much more likely to read Marx than Bakunin).

Imagine the horror of being banged up in a cell somewhere down the line with a member of the Libertarian Party...

There were individualist anarchists in the First International. And there are stigmergic socialists in the Libertarian Party. Don't let the ruling class's labels be the boss of you.

I didn't say there weren't individualist anarchists in the International - my disagreements with them aside a lot of individualists were also socialists - I was referring to a small fringe for whom government and only government is/was the focus, hence referring to a 'small number'.

Socialists in the Libertarian Party? I'll have to take your word for it, I must admit not having had much to do with them. Surprised that a socialist could stay in an organisation headed by Chris Mounsey though (can't be much fun to have your party leader call you a lefty fuckwit all the time) - and their blog doesn't seem very enamoured of socialism:

(Fittingly given the original topic, I just typed my name in the box as Nark...)

T-shirt has been designed and is available here:

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