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Sunday, December 12, 2021


What with one thing and another I’ve neglected to mention here that my new novel, Beyond the Hallowed Sky, has been published. It has been well received so far, with good reviews in The Scotsman/Scotland on Sunday and SFX. The book launch at the Cymera mini-festival, in the form of an onstage conversation with Professor Ruth Aylett, went well. You can read the first chapter of the book here.

It’s the first volume of the Lightspeed Trilogy, and the second volume is well underway.


Just received my copy from but I won't be getting round to starting it till I've finished the Corporation Wars trilogy (from which I am currently getting much positive reinforcement).

Thank you! Hope you enjoy them all.

Got it, finished it and now waiting ...

Excellent - makes my Christmas! After I read "Corporate Wars" a few years back I bought all of your older novels. The out of print ones I bought from UK bookstores on-line and had them sent here to Texas. Post if you plan to come to Texas any time - it'd be an interesting event.

Merry Christmas!

I ordered your new book, Beyond the Hallowed Sky, to the US, and I'm about 3/4 through it. I just have to ask you: How long have you been waiting to use the line "I'm sorry, Jason. I don't think I can do that." in one of your novels/stories? Happy holidays!

Well. That was very entertaining. I love it when you use geography I know well. In this case the Gare Loch and Port Glasgow. No disrespect intended but it brought back memories of a Poul Anderson book with a Danish star traveling submarine.

Thanks Bob - I may well have read that one, and I know I read 'In our Hands, the Stars' aka 'The Daleth Effect' by Harry Harrison.

Dear Ken, I've been a fan since I read the Star Fraction as a 20-something in the nineties. I've read every book of yours and re-read several of them. I got excited when I saw Beyond a Hallowed Sky was out and bought it promptly at Is there anywhere I can buy it as a DRM-free epub? I don't like the proprietary reader apps of Kobo/Kindle and their likes but I use one called Moon+ Reader, which I've customized to my liking. It won't handle Adobe DRM, however. More than happy to buy the book again if that's the case!
A million thanks and my sincere admiration! Best, Thomas

Dear Ken
I m from India .. i have been fan for your books ..loved your writing ...just now cleared phd entrance exam from University..i want to do phd on comparative study on you and Gweneath Jones .my subject would be comparative study between ken MacLeod and Gweneath Jones as a contemporary Speculative writer..i would like to focuse on your triology
Need your guidence for subject finalization
Thanks and Regards

I've just finished it and enjoyed it more than any of your books since Engines of Light. I noted similar themes to that trilogy, the landscapes, the ships going FTL over water, the mysterious aliens.
One thing though, do you really think Strathclyde Regional Council will return?

I was up late last night finishing it and my only complaint is that I can't start the next book in the series right away, Oh well I guess it's time to return to the Fall Revolution books once again.

Thanks for a great read

Steve in Toronto.

Just finished it and as always Ken you don't disappoint, except I'm really annoyed that Iskander hasn't already delivered the next book to my door!

Thanks for all the kind words, everyone!

Rupali - sorry about the delay in replying, I don't check my blog as often as I used to. My email address is spelled out under Contact on the main page.

Neil, re Strathclyde Regional Council returning ... after the revolution, mate. After the revolution.

Hi Ken, a very good novel, thank you. Loved the subs (submarine, subcontractor, suburbs and submerged seaside) and you really made a good one with the android, a sibling of Alien#1's. And now we wait :). Vincent

To echo the other comments above - Thank-you! I absolutely loved this - entertaining and thoughtful, brimming with humour and great ideas. Well, I say I loved it except for one flaw - I now need to somehow be patient in waiting for books 2 and 3!

Excellent read, and I'm now impatiently looking forward to the 2nd book! One of the aspects that helped ground the book was the descriptive nature of the locations. I've visited Scotland a couple of times now (including Lewis & Harris!) so reading this brought back fond memories. The occasional "Oh, I know exactly where they're standing!" was rather cool. Thank you!
Dunedin, NZ

I've just pre-ordered Book 2 "Beyond the Reach of Earth" on Google play books - due on 21st March - looking forward to it!

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