The Early Days of a Better Nation

Friday, February 13, 2009


Belatedly, I can report that the Digital Evolution event last Saturday evening went well. About seventy people turned up, and discussion was lively. I'll probably write up what I said for my forum page. Less belatedly, last night's Darwin Day event was a smashing succes, with a crowd of hundreds in the McEwan Hall to hear a very distinguished panel. The University is also promoting the City of Literature Trust's Lost World Read, which will let you get (among other things) the new Darwin graphic bio for free.

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I enjoyed the Digital Evolution event very much although I think it was a mistake to focus so much on the gaming aspect in the promotion. As I suspected the conversation veered towards computing and technology in general, lots more scope there. I really like the idea Charlie raised about the first true AI potentially being born of the war between spambots and spam filters. Not truly likely I reckon, but certainly great food for thought :-)

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