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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Red Plenty reminder

This afternoon at 5.30 I'll be introducing and chairing a free event at Word Power, where author Francis Spufford and computer scientist and economist Paul Cockshott will discuss Spufford's well-received new book Red Plenty. I've already enthused about this book, as has Paul Cockshott - who has himself worked for many years to bring to academic and political attention the significance of the historical and theoretical questions that lie behind the story. This promises to be a lively and engaging event, so if you have a chance, please come along.

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Another one with no US release, sigh!

I did get Restoration Game shipped over and loved it, btw.

CS Norman -
I'm beginning to think that the publishers are collaborating with the darker elements of the US gov't in an effort to keep good speculative fiction out of the hands of the population. The cessation of McEwan's ale imports to the US is most likely related, though I've yet to discover the link.

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