The Early Days of a Better Nation

Monday, August 15, 2011

The Revolution Will be Followed by a Signing Session in the Adjacent Tent: Blogging the Book Festival

This year's theme for the Edinburgh International Book Festival was decided last year. With what was described at the launch party as uncanny prescience, the theme was 'revolution'. For the sixth year running, the Genomics Forum is a sponsor, and this year it's supporting three very topical debates. Along with Pippa Goldschmidt and the Forum's new Resident Playwright, Peter Arnott, I'll be blogging from the festival at Genotype, the blog of the Genomics Forum (cross-posted to the Festival's own blog). I'll post links to these here as they come in.

Former Guardian Edinburgh BeatBlogger Michael MacLeod (sometimes referred to in the distant past of this blog as 'Young Master Early') is blogging the book festival on a more professional basis for the Guardian.

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