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Friday, March 02, 2012

enLIGHTen switches on

The launch yesterday afternoon of enLIGHTen exceeded expectations. After a deal of mingling, sipping, and nibbling in one of the Royal Society of Edinburgh's splendid halls, followed by introductory speeches, I read out my own story, with additional Scottish voices and accents supplied by Gavin Inglis, and Sam Oliver doing an impression of Ben Franklin. Photos from the event are here.

Then enLIGHTen project manager Sara Grady led the crowd out to St Andrew's Square, where we waited for enough dusk to gather for the projection to be switched on. William Letford recited his evocative poem, we all counted down, and Ali Bowden threw the switch.

And then, flickering up the column in the centre of the square, came a jumble of letters that seemingly self-assembled into a quotation from David Hume: 'Truth springs from argument amongst friends.'

On the bus home I passed Charlotte Square, where the project's installation is a truly eye-filling illuminated and ever-changing globe in celebration of the most famous phrase of Hutton.

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