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Monday, August 06, 2012

Landings and crashes

Curiosity landed successfully this morning. In perspective:

See where spacecraft from Earth have landed on Mars, in this infographic.
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We must stop needlessly provoking a peaceful but powerful planet with these spy missions. The Martian Imperial Navy, once unleashed will destroy us.

Semiology fail: the most important thing about that list is whether the probe crashed or not--the list is called "Landings and Crashes". But the most eye-catching thing about it is what country each probe was launched by. For a second I thought it was telling me no American probe has ever crashed, until I confirmed my memory by carefully inspecting the text.

Considering the list is produced by a US site, this may be a feature ...

If you want to land on Mars fly American, but if it's the hot spots of Venus you're keen on experiencing Ivan may be your best bet.

We all know what happened to the ones that "lost radio contact" ....

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